Homemade Whipped Cream


For Easter dinner I decided I would try my hand at making desert which is something I am always terrified to do. I believe that there is only one other desert recipe on this blog right now. I am feeling more confident in the baking department though so get ready for more desert recipes! After making a pie I had a half a carton of heavy whipping cream leftover and since I would never use it for anything else I figured I would try making some whipped cream for the heck of it. The results were pretty darn amazing. I rated this one on my own because Perry did not get to taste it on its own. This would be awesome in a parfait or on waffles like my girl Melissa tried. You really cannot go wrong. This recipe will make about 2 cups of whipped cream.

Serves:6    Calories: 103/serving


-1 cup of heavy whipping cream

– 3 tbsp granulated sugar

– Couple drops of vanilla OR almond extract (I used almond)


1.) in a large bowl whisk ingredients together for about 3-5 minutes.

2.) It will start to thicken which is what you want but don’t whisk it to the point it starts to look like cottage cheese. It will also “harden” a little when you refrigerate it.

3.) Enjoy!

*Original recipe comes from http://www.chow.com

**Photo is an original taken by me

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