Grilled Banana Boat S’mores – ★★★★★

419872_10200545455336975_2069040891_nI have seen tons of photos like this one all over pinterest and have read lots of different variations of the recipe. I decided to keep it simple because honestly how could one mess up a s’more dessert. I know some people will call this a poser recipe because there are no graham crackers… I say good for you if you want to try it with graham but these things are full enough without them. However, I do encourage you to try different recipes of your own too. That is part of the fun being in the kitchen! Perry loved them and I even conned my 2 year old into eating banana with this recipe 🙂

” Kelsey doesn’t make desert that often so I am happy she found something other than a gallon of ice cream to satisfy our occasional sweet tooth. These are a healthier alternative to traditional s’mores and I could eat one every night. I give them ★★★★★”

Calories: 122/banana boat


-1 Large Banana (7-8 in.)

– 6 Mini-Marshmallows

– 1 tbsp. Semisweet chocolate chips

– Tin foil


1.) Slice banana down the middle. Try not to cut all the way through. You only want a slice so you can stuff it.

2.) Stuff with marshmallows and chocolate chips

3.) Wrap in tin foil

4.) Grill for 6-10 minutes on med-high heat. (No need to flip these bad boys just throw them on the grill and let em’ cook)

5.) These will be pretty hot when you take them off the grill.. As tempting as it is to just dive in PLEASE let it sit for a minute so you don’t singe off your tastebuds… You’ll be thankful you waited 🙂

*Photo is original taken by me

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