Herbed Roasted Turkey


With this being the first Thanksgiving I cooked it was really important to me that I make the perfect turkey. I stressed over it for about 2 weeks and came across a youtube video that gave step by step directions. There is nothing better than having a visual step by step so I went for it. I’m so happy I did because even my husband who doesn’t really care for turkey was picking every last piece of meat off the bones. I just sent an email to the author and creator of the website and youtube video I used. Until I have her permission to post the recipe the only thing I can give you guys is her youtube video and link to her site for the turkey. As soon as I hear back from her I’ll post the recipe with my own little tips. Once again Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for all the love I get on this blog.


Website: http://divascancook.com/2009/11/how-to-cook-a-turkey-herb-roasted-whole-turkey-recipe-with-buttermilk-brine-recipe-moist-flavorful.html

Youtube: http://youtu.be/GUY-31tZ2Bo


*Photo is an original taken by me


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